The Inspectio Research Institute is the go-to-partner with human-factors questions in mind.

Since its foundation in the year 2013, the Inspectio Research Institute has established itself as THE research institution with human factors questions in mind. Our slogan “ Understanding human behavior“ forms the pillar of our work. As psychologists, we believe that the way to do so is, by including the driver into the development of driving and driver assistance systems. Methods to investigate the drivers‘ role whilst driving build upon cognitive and information processing models deeply rooted in the psychological sciences. So far, our research has led us to investigate situational awareness (Endsley, 2000), workload (NASA, ) and the effect of automation on drivers‘ states in real and simulated environments (fatigue, well-being, distraction, …).

At the moment a primary role lies to investigate motion sickness and how can this be detected and avoided. To investigate this, a lot of studies were done by ourself in cooperation with a big car manufacture.

Part of our expertise lies in the analysis of drivers‘ gaze behavior, neural and physiological activities. These measurements surrogate many cognitive functions, such as fatigue, workload, motion sickness and many more.

Therefore in 2016, Inspectio acquired an EEG (Electroencephalogram) and ECG (Electrocardiogram) in order to expand its‘ insights into human behavior on the road.

To analyse all these data we use differend approches such as artificial intelligence (AI), classic and Bayesian statistic

On the European level, the Inspectio Research Institute, under the supervision of Dr. Klaus Reinprecht, has participated in various calls and projects to mitigate driver related causes of accidents. As such Inspectio played crucial roles in the data collection and analysis of project, and field operational test drives.

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